Protex Balti is a leading supplier of textile solutions to the Scandinavian market.


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We have two business directions:

– ProtexWear that focuses on customers within functional work and sports wear and fashion apparel and

– ProtexTech that focuses on clients within technical / smart textile and furniture.


Protex Balti is a leading supplier of textile solutions to the Scandinavian market.


Management philosophy

We are client focused and reliable
We genuinely care about our customers – we are service minded from first contact, we listen actively, keep our promises, follow up and are pro-active in our communication.

Every day we strive for client satisfaction and as a team we are committed to deliver quality in time throughout the full value chain.

We are efficient and innovative
We always ask ourselves what can be better done tomorrow and how to improve the client experience through continous improvement of processes, technology and expertize of our employees.

We are ethical in business
High integrity is at the very core of our business, no matter if it is how we interact with customers, what suppliers we use or how we treat our employees, environment or our impact on society in general. We are proud over our factories and our clients are welcome to have a tour through our departments anytime they like.

We make things happen
“It is not about having ideas – it is about making ideas happen”. That was the motto of David Engan when he founded Protex AS in 1961. More than five decades after and several hundreds employees later David visits all sites on regular basis to make sure that we still live and breath the motto of making Protex and our customers ideas happen. In other words, making things happen is in our DNA.


Our Vision

To be Northern Europe’s leading innovation driver and supplier of advanced textile solutions through the creation of a innovative, pro-active and learning organization.



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€ 600 - € 1.000
Tähtaeg: 08/10/2020