Our goal is creating a software product of utmost quality, by using the latest technologies possible in development and testing.


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Neotech Development – is a team of highly trained professionals. We use cutting-edge technologies where it is justified and adds unquestionable gain. Each employee is valued and we try our best to supply each and everyone of our team with everything needed, taking into the consideration individual requests.


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Java is best equipped for full fledged Backend services, web sites, working with databases and Multi-threaded applications. The best user interface from our point of view is the one which is easiest to use and fast to get a hold of, it is also without any unnecessary, excess elements. For developing frontend, a powerful combination of Angular and REST API is used.


Mobile Applications

Javascript/HTML5 and native applications for iOS and Android allow our customers to use applications from any currently available device. We strive to make the applications optimal in using devices resources and use the least amount of bandwidth. We adapt interfaces for both phones, phablets and handheld devices.


System Administration

Our administrators solve complex tasks of deploying cluster systems, load optimisation, providing high availability. They also keep all processes on the servers under full control. We prefer free software with open source code, OS – Ubuntu and Debian. DDOS-attack don’t scare us and we know how to handle them.


Quality Assurance


All applications go through a maximum quality check using the most complex scenarios of usage thanks to the experience of our quality assurance team. Applications are tested by hand and also using automated scripts, which allows us to always be sure of having a functioning software.



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Senior Java Developer

Tähtaeg: 30/05/2018